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About Us

FAST Sports Performance and Tumbling (FAST) is a private recreational multisport performance program.  We promote and enhance the development of student athletes from basic to elite with quality instruction and service.  We help athletes to become more disciplined and skilled in the fundamentals of sport performance that appeals and applies to students with varying abilities in a multitude of activities from: sport athletics, cheerleading, gymnastics and dance.  



These skill based classes will teach students the elements and shapes needed to achieve desired tumbling skills.  The teaching methodology involves breaking a skill down to the fundamental elements, training and perfecting each element, and then safely and efficiently combining the elements to properly perform the skills on a consistent basis. The student will learn cartwheels, walkovers, layouts, twists and everything in between. 


In addition, our program is also mobile which allows for us to bring our national level, competition grade tumbling equipment to your location.

Sports Performance Training


These single to small group classes focus on training basic to advanced fundamentals in athletics addressing speed, agility, range of motion, balance, power and flexibility.  We prepare athletes for better performance, technique, form, and skills for application in year round sports including but not limited to: Basketball, Football, Soccer, Track & Field, Cheerleading and Gymnastics.  In each class, students will have individualized attention to ensure the opportunity for corrections and improvement.  The objective is for each student to understand “What” is being asked of them, “How” it works, and “Why” it is relevant to achieving his or her athletic goals.

Competitive Teams


We currently offer competitive Trampoline and Tumbling Gymnastics.

The program has athletes ranging from ages 8 to 18.

Ask us how to get your athlete involved in Team Today!

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